Energy & Sustainability

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Energy & Sustainability

Helping our Clients face the challenges of climate change and depleting natural resources, balanced with the demands of increasing legislation and control. MRB has been advising on Energy and Sustainability since 2007, responding to each new challenge with practical and appropriate solutions.

Through balancing sustainable engineering with economic viability we aim to deliver commercial and competitive advantages for our clients; through close collaboration and a clear understanding of their business objectives.

We have invested in a program of accreditation in a range of environmental consultancy services and continue to increase our capability. Our understanding of legislative issues and requirements enables us to help clients unlock the maximum potential from their developments.

We approach each project as an integral and proactive member of the design team – success can only be achieved by being fully immersed in the design and design making process. Our objective is to assist the process to achieve the desired project outcome.

We can offer a single point sustainability consultancy with specialist expertise in BREEAM, Dynamic Modelling and Low Carbon design.

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